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Distribute backup policy across groups


I'm using SSR 2013 together with the management console.
I have a backup policy distibuted to 270 workstations, the policy runs each weekend and performs a backup of the c drive to a network NAS.

To spread the network traffic and the load on the NAS, I wonder how can I divide the workstations in 4 groups with the management console.

Group 1 has to run the first sunday of the month
Group 2 the 2nd sunday

So I guess I need to create 4  backup policies with a different schedule.

How can i divide the workstations into 4 groups?
Using filters and manually add each new workstation to the filter?
Using Organizational views and add each new workstation to the group?

How can I schedule the policy to run on the first/second/3rd/4rd sunday of the month.
In a monthly schedule I can only choose the day.

That's means I have to change the policy each month.

Please help!










3 Replies

Yes, use filters and add the

Yes, use filters and add the machines into each filter. Then the policy can be associated with those filters.

I don't think you can do what you need to regarding the schedule I'm afraid.

Why filters and not 4

Why filters and not 4 organizational groups to split up the workstations?
Are filters easier to manage?

I was afraid that the scheduling can't be used for that.
We had the same problem with the previous BESR 8.5 console.

Eacht month the schedule is changed to specify which day is sunday.

Can't this be changed with a script?


With an independent backup

With an independent backup task I can add a schedule and repeat the task each sunday of the first week of each month. Why is this option not available for backup policies?

What's the difference between an independent backup task and an Independent recovery point backup policy???

The result is the same I , an independent recovery point on a target folder at a scheduled interval.