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Do you know about the Known issues & Ideas sections on Symantec Connect?

Hello everyone,

My name is David and I am a Symantec Technical Support Engineer for the Backup Exec/Symantec System Recovery product. I notice that both the, 'Known issues,' and, 'Ideas,' sections here on Symantec Connect site are not being utilized as often as they should for the Backup Exec System Recovery / Symantec System Recovery product. ‘Known issues,’ is where technicians like me report issues being address by our product development team. Your comments help in the prioritizing which of these product issues are to be addressed sooner rather than later. ‘Ideas,’ is where members like you offer what you like to see changed, added, removed, etc. to the product. Members of the product management team glean through this list at various points in the product development cycle. Those ideas with the higher votes are considered for new features or product changes.

I would also like to remind our members of the Symantec Beta site: a beta for the next build of Symantec System Recovery is already underway.