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Does Symantec System Recovery use dedupe (RFE)

In the recovery solution from altiris which SSR replaces, we had something altiris called RFE (redundant file elimination). This feature was as the name suggests an effective way allow the product to only keep one copy of the same file, instead of filling the backup storage with thousands of copies of the same files.

I haven't found anywhere in the documentation of SSR that describes this functionality.

Does anyone know if SSR support dedupe or rfe technology?

Our storage is filling up rapidly and one of the reasons seems to be that SSR creates copies of files it already has in the store.



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As far as I know there is no

As far as I know there is no Deduplication functionality in SSR. It's a Sector level backup utility and any changes in the sector which it detects would be backed up.

You can use the Recovery Point Set backup method which does the FULL and INCREMENTAL backup of a volume which can help to effectively use the storage space.