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Does backup have to be mounted to browse files?

Hi....I converted from Ghost a year or so ago. I don't think until today I ever had the occasion to browse a recovery point backup and try to recover or view just one file.

I did that today and got very strange results. I was able to open the backup after entering my password (it is pw protected, if that matters). Then, I clicked on the folder that was there "Documents and Setting" and got only a blank. It was as if nothing was there. I checked the backup again--it looked correct. Finally, I mounted it as an H drive and everything seems to be there. I was able to open the file I wanted and do what I wanted.

So, I'm guessing the procedure has changed from Ghost, and it is mandatory to mount the drive first? Or, am I missing something?



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No, you should not have to

No, you should not have to mount the recovery point first before restoring files/folders.

I am assuming you are talking about using the recovery point browser to restore your data?

Yes, that's correct. So,

Yes, that's correct. So, then, I can't get any individual files to show when clicking on Documents and Setting after opening the recovery point.

On seeing your response, I did further investigation and it appears to be only the Documents and Settings folder where this happens. Everything else works normally.

What operating system are you

What operating system are you seeing this on? What version of SSR (check in Help/About for details)?

If it's Windows 8.x you are

If it's Windows 8.x you are talking about, maybe this explains it: