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Edit file in backup

Restoring from an image is failing. I believe there is a bad line in the boot.ini file that is the cause.

I would like to edit the boot.ini file that is in the image, but I can figure out how to do that hand have the changes saved.

Is there a way?

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Re: Edit file in backup

No, not possible I'm afraid.

What exactly is the issue you are seeing?

Re: Edit file in backup

Apparently the shadow copy service was turned on and there exists a partition "K" that was still included in the image we wanted to use.Even if we just try to restore the "C" drive, it causes a problem. Looking at the boot.ini file, I see a line, "multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(1)partition(1)\WINDOWS=Boot Mirror C: - secondary plex". I'd like to get rid of it, because I think it is causing a problem. The actual server no longer has the service running or this line in the boot.ini which is the way I want it.   And, ultimately, what I've really been trying to do is restore the image to another computer, so I can back up the system state, and then restore it to our live server, because elements of Active Directory have been messed up. But, the first part is getting an image restore.

So are you saying that the

So are you saying that the restore is failing?

If the restore works, the boot.ini can always be edited manually following the restore.