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Email notification Spam

Is there a way to have System Recovery send just one email if the backup is good or there is an error? I get 80 emails a night from three servers. We run netbackup and it only sends out one email per policy, I would assume System Recovery would be the same.

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Have you tried the options

Have you tried the options under tasks>options>smtp email in the console?

That's where it's configured.

That's where it's configured. No matter which setting is done, such as warnings or info. There are always 5 or more emails that go out when the backup starts.

SSR does not create

SSR does not create consolidated messages, it sends messages for each incident, for example if you backup C: D: and E: partitions, when the backup job starts for C:, it will send a notification, when the backup of C: completes, it will send another notification, when backup of D: starts it will send a notification, when it completes, it sends another one and so on. What can be done is setting notifications only for errors, so that only if there is some kind of failure a notification is sent. 

Here is an article which will help you setup the right notifications : 

Changing the settings to 'high priority messages only' will help

any update on this?

any update on this?