I'm using Symantec system recovery 2011 but i faced many problems that local support does not feed me back with solution

  •  Managment console is not updated from server client .. even that server is backedup but management showing missing jobs.

 Jobs does not start  as schuduled most of the time .. i start them manually by restarting services all. which  mean that something going wrong.

hounestly, i give up from local support and from product itself

you may find explained screen shots attached

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It seems that you have a

It seems that you have a number of different issue which is going to be difficult to help you with via these forums.

Do you currently have an open support case? If yes, please let me know what the case ID is and I will see what I can do to help.


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unfourtunatly i didn't open any case .. the local support here in kuwait does. as he said but i don't have case id and i a give up from yhis company that why i need international support would you advise me on this case

I would suggest you open a

I would suggest you open a case with Tech Support so that this can be investigated further.