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Error E1AD3212 when starting BESR

Level 3
I have installed BESR 7.0 on a server that is not a member of our domain, but in it's own workgroup. I installed as a local admin on the server it installed successfully and I rebooted the server.

On the first launch of BESR I get the "Welcome" screen and when I click NEXT on the first screen I get the error:

Error E1AD3213: You do not have sufficient privileges to perform this operation. See help for more information about security settings.

I had the thought of going into services and changing the Log On account but now am seeing it doesn't look like there is a Backup Exec System Recovery Service listed...

Any ideas? Thanks!!

Level 3
I am getting this same error and wanted to know if you ever found a fix for this. Thanks...

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
Someone else has recently posted about this problem, and was able to solve it by running "fixinstall.bat".  Here is the thread:

Level 2
Is there anything special you have to do if you want to run the console under Windows Vista? I installed the console, not the agent, on my workstation to manage 2 servers running the agent. I had no problems until I ran the 7.01 install to update my 7.0 installation. After it ran through the update and asked me to reboot, I tried to start the console and it gave me the error listed in this thread.
I don't have the security configuration setup on the system as only the console and image viewer were selected to install. I also don't see the batch file listed in the thread either. I am listed as an administrator on the system.