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Error E7D10041 and EBAB03F1 when trying to add second offsite copy destination

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Hello to all.
I have a copy of BESR 2010 and I am backing up 11 machines. I created two folders one on each of my two external disks (MyBook WD network diks) in order to use them as offsite destinations.
All but 4 backups are working fine. In three of them I  cannot add the first offsite destination. It gives me an "E7D10041: Unable to establish a network connection to \\\backups" error and a "EBAB03F1: Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed." error.
The same error I get for the second offsite destination in one backup job.
It is not a network error because in the majority of the backup jobs is working just fine with the same share and when putting the same credentials.
Does anyone have any idea?
Is there somewhere in the registry that it stores the credentials for offsite destination shares so I can delete the key and put it from the begging?

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried to find out which connections are open when you run the backup job ? You could try to add a pre datacapture script which runs a net use > c:\netuse.txt command to get this information. We had this problem when two different users tried to connect to the same target e.g. one user was the user that was used to access the backup share and the other was a scheduled task that run under a different user.