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Error EBAB03F1 with LiveState Recovery Desktop 6.0

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Over the past several months all of our office computers have experienced this problem at least once at some point, but we have two particular office computers that experience it very frequently (e.g. almost every day or every other day).  Below is the following error message we receive:
First, LiveState pops up with a balloon reading that the delayed write has failed (after doing either a base or incremental recovery point on the machine), then we check the log, and this is what it reads when that error occurs:
Description: Error EC8F17B7: Cannot create recovery points for job: Recovery point of C:\. Error E0BB0083: Unable to create incremental image. Error E7D1001F: Unable to write to file. Error EBAB03F1: The specified network name is no longer available. Error E7D10046: Unable to set file size. Error EBAB03F1: The specified network name is no longer available.
Details: 0xE0BB0083
Source: LiveState Recovery
These are the following solutions we have tried, however we have had no luck getting the problem fixed:
- One of the machines has network throttling enabled (at 2500 KB/s.), but it still receives the error frequently.
- The two computers that experience this problem the most frequently, share a switch that connects to the server that our images are stored on.  We have since replaced that old cheap switch with an expensive Gigabit (1000 Mbps) one to help with possible performance issues, however, the situation has gotten worse on one of the computers (e.g. the error now occurring pretty much everyday)
- We have set the performance slider on each computer to roughly about 20-25% of full speed.
- We have changed the times as which each computer creates its base/incremental recovery point.
Each incremental recovery point is created twice a day, and each base recovery point are all set on different days of the month for each computer in the office.  All machines also have Symantec Endpoint Protection 11.0 installed.  For the remote server that we store the backup images on, storage of the recovery points of each computer have its own individual folders with individual respective credentials.   All machines are also running Windows XP SP2 and our server is running Windows Server 2003.  We have also checked the ethernet cabling around each machine (link to our server) and didn't see any problems there.
Also I should mention that the office machines are all concentrated in one location, whereas our server is located in a different (though adjacent) part of our office campus.
The problem seems to occur in a random manner (e.g. sometimes everyday, sometimes every other day).  We have also tried running LiveUpdate and no luck.
Any help is appreciated in solving this problem, thanks.

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Here are some additional suggestions to try to help troubleshoot this issue:
 - Use the IP address then the name of the server in the UNC path use in the recovery point job.
 - Test to see if you have the same issues backing up to a share on a differnt system.
 - Check, and if needed, run a boot time defragmentation software for the used and swap file space on all client systems.
 - Verify that we do not get this error if we backup locally (i.e. a 2nd HD, USB, 1394, etc.)