Error EBAB03F1

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We have Veritas System Recovery 2016 installed on a server with Windows server 2019 and since it was installed, the error EBAB03FI comes out: the following operating system error occurred when the requested operation was performed: there are not enough memory resources available to complete this operation.

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Re: Error EBAB03F1

In general, the insufficient memory resource error may be improved after rebooting your system. Or please look into the Windows Event Viewer and check which process consumes the memories.

However, if your version is Veritas System Recovery 16 (VSR16), unfortunately Windows 2019 is not supported.

See page 12 in the below software compatibility list for VSR16.

Windows 2016 or earlier is supported on VSR16. Please upgrade to VSR18.

See page 11 in the below compatibility list for VSR18. Win 2019 is supprted on VSR 18 SP2. 

The latest VSR 18 SP4 can be downloaded from the below URL. You can use VSR 18 SP4 as evaluation for 60 days.