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Exchange 2003 seems to freeze when backing up system


I am testing BESR and tried to backup our Exchange 2003 server today, aftewr about 6% the systems seems to freeze and I could not do anything with it.  Even after ending the program the server was still unusable until i did a hard reboot.

Any ideas what could be causing this, the server is 5 yrs old but onlt has 70 mailboxes so it not under a massive load.

Do you need tohave plenty of drive space available, i.e does the system cache the backup on the system 1st so if the Exchange db is say 50GB you will need atleast 50GB spare on the drive?

The backup was standard except i ticked the VSS option

Any guidance is appreciated.
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Ever figure this out?

I recently installed BESR 2010 and ever since, in seems like Exchange crashes on the weekends and the Win2k3 server needs to be rebooted come Monday morning.  Exchange is the only thing giving error messages in the Event Viewer.  It only started after I installed BESR 2010 and I can't figure it out.

Let me know if you figured out a work around.