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FTP Offsite Copy Fails

Level 2
We backup server on a local hard drive, and now we want to use copy off-site, an external ftp (over internet).
On the server (Microsoft Windows server 2003), we use BESR 8.5.5, we have configured the ftp  all are ok. But when we backup on off-site, BESR can't save files on ftp, we have an error like timeout 60... Now we have a problem configuring the offsite FTP because we get a "cannot connect" error.
So, we have tested the ftp connection using Internet Explorer  and it works fine, we can read, delete, write files on ftp.
Where is the problem ? Can you help me please ?

Level 3

It would be helpful if Symantec would provide detailed FTP logging.  These generic errors just don't cut it.

This is occurring in way too many places on too many machines to be coincidence.

Just give us some more information so we can solve the problems ourselves!!!

Very frustrated by the lack of response to this particular question which is, I suppose, why it keeps getting asked... over.... and over... and over...

Please help.

Frustrated in FTP-land

Level 3
Partner Accredited
Me, too. Just to test the functionality, I have temporarily moved the Offsite server to the same room as the main backup server.
Same - doesn't work. Copies the index file "servername".sv2i and that's it
Come on Symantec - this has been hanging around for ages, when can we have a response, please?