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FTP to QNAP 109 pro NAS

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I am trying to get BESR 8.5 to work with QNAP 109 pro using FTP, but I get this error:


Error EC8F1F5B: Cannot create offsite copy for job My Computer Backup. Error EC8F1F5D: Cannot create offsite copy ftp://nas1:21/public/backup/PC1_C_Drive001.v2i. Error E7D10053: Unable to copy from file 'F:\Symantec Backups\PC1_C_Drive001.v2i' to file 'ftp://nas1:21/public/backup/PC1_C_Drive001.v2i?mode=active&timeout=60&retrycount=5'. Error E0C10005: . Error EBAB03F1: Uspecificeret fejl.
Source: Backup Exec System Recovery


I have setup the FTP as an offsite destination.


Can anybody help on how to get this working.


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According to this article; This is caused by insufficent space on the offsite copy location. Verify that there is enough space on the ftp location to hold the drive image that it is attempting to copy.