Feature requests

Is there a certain page to fill out for feature requests?

just setup VSR-MS 18SP3 to go live soon... eventually...

and I just setup a backup to do on 1st and 15th

another setup with no schedule for manual kick off

but i also wanted one for bi yearly so say January and June/July....


but all that is available for schedule is 

No schedule - self expl.
Weekly - choose what days of week
Monthly - choose what days out of the month you want...

would love a yearly... - choose what months 

but better yet to utilize Symantec Management Platform (aka Altiris) Shared Schedule... 

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Re: Feature requests

@criley there was one https://www.veritas.com/community/backup-and-recovery/ideas for such ideas. Where can we post such requests now?

Re: Feature requests

Enhancement requests can be sent to the following mailbox for review by Product Management team: