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GRO must run 64bit to recover Exch 07?

I'm running v 8.02 everything and have been doing fine. I do not use BESRM, might try that again with v8.51.


Up til 2 weeks ago we were running Exchange 03 on Server 03. On the central system (the one that would be the manager if I ran it, hosts the RAID where everything is stored) I have GRO installed and it was working with Exch 03 albeit slow.  We migrated to Server 08 with Exch 07 and everything in the production environment is running well. I installed BESR 8.02 and it is running (remember, no manager installed).


Today I ran GRO and attempted a restore on the EXCHANGE1 image and I get...


(i) Microsoft Exchange 2007 can only be recovered on a 64 bit operating system, run this software on a system with a 64 bit OS installed


this seems to want me to violate 2 things about GRO I was told by support...

1) run GRO on the system where the image is store, not across a network connection

2) never run GRO on the exchange server itself (thus a 64bit os)


I suppose I could run GRO on some other 64bit system but that still causes it to access over the network. Beyond that, it makes no sense to run GRO on some random 64bit server somewhere.


My other option, upgrading my central server to a 64bit os, would require me to upgrade my hardware since the central system is a 32bit processor.


What am I missing here?





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Re: GRO must run 64bit to recover Exch 07?

Of your two points, one is much more important than the other.


It is not a good idea (and not supported by Microsoft) to run GRO on the exchange server. The reason being that you need a working Outlook MAPI, and Exchange is not supported on a server with an installation of Outlook.


GRO can perform restores over the network, but it is not preferred and one of the first things that technical support will tell you to do is move the image onto the GRO machine.


The reason why GRO needs to be on a 64 bit OS when restoring Exchange 07 is because Microsoft requires that Exchange 07 runs on a 64 bit OS. An image from a 64 bit OS can only be mounted on a 64 bit OS and GRO must mount the image in order to pull out the required data.


I hope this cleared it up a little for you.

Re: GRO must run 64bit to recover Exch 07?

So the question becomes... how does BESRM 8.51 function on Server 08 64bit? 


I'm already having issues getting my Server 08 systems to talk to BESRM 8.02 running on Server 03 32bit. None of them will talk to the manager at all. I'd really like to avoid making things far more complicated than need be.


To clarify, I installed the BESRM 8.02 manager again recently to see if any of the bugs have been fixed. I find so long as I don't actually USE the manager, i.e. make absolutely no changes with it but always on the clients, I have a window to see the servers... all but the 08 systems, those will not connect and show up in BESRM.





Message Edited by RBall on 11-15-2008 05:46 AM

Re: GRO must run 64bit to recover Exch 07?

Do you have the error from the _Publog.xml from one of the 2008 clients not reporting to the manager server? Windows Server 2008 Enterprise RTM x86-64bit has been tested to work with BESRM 8.5-server (e.g. BESRM 8.5-server is the tomcat web services and database, BESRM 8.5-console is simply the UI to view the contents of the clients via the BESRM database) While Backup Exec System Recovery can be installed on Windows Server 2008 Core, it is an Agent only install. W2K8 Core does not support .NET and thus the UI and managment control cannot be installed. This OS is supported via a headless agent only through the simple BESR console/UI interface. No push install will be supported. Agents running on W2K8 Core cannot be managed by BESRM again because of not being able to install Management control since the OS does not support .NET a requirement for Management control.

Has installing a BESR console-only (e.g. Agentless install) on a 64-bit system/OS running Outlook 2007 allowed Exchange 2007 images to be open successfully?