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Ghost v.14: VProSvc.exe fails to start, EC8F1780 error

Fresh XP Pro, sp3 installation with Ghost v14

VProSvc.exe will only start once after the initial install. One backup will run. Afterwards, service will no longer start even when starting under Administrator account. Generates the following message...

VProSvc.exe ver
Event_id: 7034   Source: Service Control Manager
The Norton Ghost service terminated unexpectedly

Once totally uninstalled and reinstalled it will run once and then break again.

Additionally, when Ghost tries to start the following error occurs:
Error EC8F1771: Cannot enumerate the current drives on this system.

There is no antivirus software installed.

Runing Fixinstall does not help...
Turning off MS Secuirty Essentials does not help...
Having the service run under Administrator account does not help..
Running the Install Repair option, reboot and run backup generates Internal Application Error: Memory Access Violation c0000005. Application tried to read memory at 01389c60
Norton Removal Tool, reinstalled, run updates, ran backup and got the same error as above.

This is occurring on other brand new XP pro machines...
Not sure how to get it working.

Any ideas?

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