Granular Restore and exchange 2007 32bits


I want to restore some mailboxes with granular restore from an exchange 2007 32bits backup, the software tells me (in french, sorry, I'm french):

Is there a solution for granular restore working on exchange 2007 32 bits ?

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Symantec system recovery 2011 is installed on a 32 bits system with windows 2003 srv std 32bits

Could you please translate

Could you please translate the error into English for us?

no problem

You try to restore a 2007 database on a 32bits system

Microsoft Exchange 2007 can be restored only on a 64bits operating system, run this software on a 64 bits operatin system

Are you saying that your

Are you saying that your Exchange 2007 server is running a 32bit operating system?


Exactly, I've installed the 32bits ver cause we had'nt 64bits system when I installed it.

Installing Exchange 2007 on a

Installing Exchange 2007 on a 32bit OS is not supported by Microsoft (in production environments). BESR/SSR also does not support it either:


great !

I'v not planned to migrate my systems now, too expensive ... I'v bought symantec system recovery only for my exchange server, I've not thought there will be this issue.

so weird ..

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