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Granular restore password not valid

I made an recovery point for use with the Granular Restore option so I can restore seperate mails/mailboxes.
I have made an backeup off all drives (C: and D:) on the exchange 2007 server (has 64-bits windows 2003 STD) with a Recovery Point Set.
C: is the system drive and D: is the drive with the informationstore off Exchange 2007.
Once a month the set is renewed with a full backup. Every day I make an incremental.
The destination is a network share (also tried an external harddrive, same problem).
The backup is secured with a password and standard 128-bits (8+ characters password) AES encryption.
The password has 16 characters. uppercase lowercase and an @.

When I restore the system on diffrent hardware the password works fine.
When I choose for a granular restore I get the following messages after entering the password.

" The password that you have entered is not valid. Please check that you entered it correctly. "

I'm sure i type the right password. I typed the password in notepad so I can see it and copy paste it. Doesn't work.
When I make an non password secured backup. The granular restore works fine.

The password is working by the server restore.
What can be the reason that the password is not recognized by the granular restore?



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What version/build of BESR

What version/build of BESR are you using? (check in Help/About)



Can you try with SP1 then:

Can you try with SP1 then: This requires a reboot once installed.

Take a new backup with SP1 and then try to open using GRO. Let us know how you get on.

There looks to be an issue

There looks to be an issue with GRO with password protected recovery points - I'm still working on this.

Do you have a case open with tech support? If not, are you able to open one?

Open case by e-mail?

Hello Chris

I'm testing whole day (with SP1 and a reboot), but nothing seems to work.
Even a simple password without AES doen't work.

I can open a case by dialing a number.
Is there an option to open a case by mail?

I did some testing here

I did some testing here yesterday and there is an issue with GRO and password protected recovery points. I have now escalated this issue for further investigation. More info here:

Thanks for your help and the

Thanks for your help and the vote!

I have subscribed to the document.

Dennis Bos
Inter Rutges Group B.V.

Re: Granular restore password not valid

Chris... is there any movement on this?  I'm currently prepping the download to upgrade from 9.0.0 to 9.0.1 and see if it makes a difference, but have the same issue.  I'm working with SBS 2003, full BESR 2010 product (not SBS version), and for a couple of the iv2i files it asks for the password, waits a VERY long time with high CPU, and drives being mounted and dismounted, then eventually asks again.  No end to this loop.

Re: Granular restore password not valid


Are you actually seeing the same error mentioned here?

If not, you have a different issue.