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HOW to for restoring BE 12.5d to a New Media Server

Level 3
 Looking for confirmation and/or How to for restoring a BE 12.5d Media Server.
I have my 12.5d Media server (works great!) however the current disk configuration is somewhat less than optimal.  So What I plan to do is do a full backup of my Media server to Tape, then tear down this server, re-do the hardrive configuration and then re-install BE 12.5d.  What I am concerned about is that I don't want to have to re-create all of my policies or lose my catalogs etc....
If I restore from Tape,  I figure that after the cataloging is complete, I will restore my \\Program Files\Symantec\BackupExec data to a "Restore Folder" and then find a Utility that I can run that I can direct to look into this "Restore" directory and restore all relevevant data such as licenses, policies, catalogs etc...
I think what I am asking in a nutshell, is How much am I going to have to re-input by hand vs retrieve from the tape and if this is the case, what order/method or Utilities can I utilize to help me make this a painless as possible.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Level 6

As I understand, you are planning to change the hardware of the server WITHOUT changing the server name.

Solution 1:
Before de-commissioning the old server....
1  : Stop all the BE Services and the SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) service on the Backup Exec Server
2  : Go to C:\prog. files\Symantec\Backup exec\ and Copy the DATA and the CATALOGS folder on a safe plase (may be USB Drive OR a network location)
3  : Check the service pack and the hotfix level for Backup Exec.
4  : Reinstall the OS on the changed server with same name.
5  : Install Backup Exec normally...
6  : Stop all the BE Services and the SQL Server (BKUPEXEC) service...
7  : Go to C:\prog. files\Symantec\Backup exec\ and Copy the DATA and the CATALOGS folder to _OLD
8  : Copy the DATA and the CATALOGS folder from the USB Drive in the same location.
9  : Start the SQL Service first and then the BE services.

1  : Using Backup Exec system Recovery perform a FULL backup of all the Drives and the partitions on a USB Drive.
2  : Re-do the hardware changes.
3  : Boot the system with the SRD CD which comes with BESR.
4  : Perform a System Restore from the USB Drive.

Hope this helps...

Level 3
Dev T,

I'll give this a try and let you know how it goes.  And yes :)  I will be keeping the same server name.  Thanks.