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HP 6200 Won't boot from a Symantec System Recovery Disk. It's stuck on "windows is loading files."

I'm trying to restore a HP 6200 machine but when I try to boot from the disk it just hangs on the "windows is loading files." screen.

I was able to use the same disk on a hp 5800.

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This may

This may help:

Thanks for the info.  I've

Thanks for the info.  I've tried everything on that list and I still can't get to recovery.

I've gone to the BIOS and Security>System Security> Data Execution Prevention  - set to Disabled.

I disabled the  "OS management of Execution security services"  option as well.

I then created a Multi language disk,  it does the same thing.


I also went to Advanced>Power on Options> System Recovery Boot Support - and enabled it.


Thaks I'll give it a go.

Thaks I'll give it a go.

This will probably need a

This will probably need a support case so it can be investigated further.

However, it may be that the new version of SSR (being released in Jan 2013) will fix this as the recovery disk uses the latest version of WindowsPE (4.0).