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Halp! Restoring from SRD

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I put (2) new drives into my computer. One for the C;/, one for D;/. The old drives were 512 native, the new drives are larger and 4k, in anticipation (and expectation) that R2 will work. The O.S. is on C;/. I moved things around, so I couldn't use my whole backup, just bits and pieces. I used the SRD in the DOS environment after the operating system was installed. Worked good for My Music, My Documents, My Pictures, etc. SSR2013 was not installed on the system's new drive.

I then took the RP for the old D;/ drive and started a restore to the new D;/ drive. After 48 hours of restoring, it looked by the progress and performance bar, that this would take 5 or 6 days of running (500GB). It went to about the 72 hour mark, and then suddenly rebooted into Windows with only half done.

So what did I do wrong?

  1. Can you restore from 4k to 4k? I realize that as of now, Source drives can't be 4K.
  2. Do you need the SSR2013 program installed to use the SRD? I'm guessing not, all the User Account stuff went fine.
  3. What transfer rates can a home user expect- ballpark? 40MB/second, is that a reasonable guesstimate?
  • My operating system is Win7,64 bit.
  • i7 Quad 4 processor @ 2.8 GHz
  • 16 Gigs DDR3 @ 1380
  • System is USB 2.0
  1. Was moving 500 GB of data only (no programs)
  2. Files were wonky extensions. CR2, HR2, PZ2, PP2, LT2, etc.
  3. This data (500GiGs) backs up in 6 hours, restore looked like it would take 108 hours, but quit after half done.

Halp! My confidence in the product has really taken a hit. Any ideas?

Thank you



Have a look here for 4k as backup destinations:

You needn't have SSR installed to use the SRD.

Out of my experience 500G shouldn't take longer than 3 hours for restoring, depending on the medium where the backups are stored.

Level 4

Thank you Markus

Yes, I've seen that page many times. It says that 4K sector drives can't be (right now) used as SOURCE drives. I'm restoring from a 4k that WAS the destination at one time, but does it now become the SOURCE now by doing a restoration? Again, originally the backup scenario was 512 (Internal) > 4K (external); now it's 4k External > 4k Internal.

Again, the User Account stuff (which was 485 Gigs total) went fine, probably 4 hours or so.

Again, the files consisting of 500 Gigs were all comprised of files that had odd extentions (different drive, 1 folder with boatloads of data/files) like Cr2, Hr2, Pp2, Pz2, Lt2, Cm2, Mc6, Fc2 etc. This 500 Gig backup ran straight for 72 HOURS, appeared to be half done, and rebooted to windows without finishing.

Apparently data is not just data to the program? (access RP > uncompress > write to other drive > repeat?)


Level 4

I'm questioning whether or not I can even use this program due to the wonky extentions I have. I'm thinking I might have to jump ship, but because I'm mearly a home user, and not General Electric, Symantec doesn't care? Or do the wheels not turn here in the forums like a finely tuned Swiss watch?



Level 4

I just received an email from Support saying that my license had expired in April, therefor they denied my Case. I went to the liscencing Portal to possibly renew, but it returned that there was no product  owned by me. Besides, I'm going to pay 'X' amount to ask a question that they might say, "nope, won't work?"

I'm moving on. Symantec isn't the only backup company out there. They are, I discovered, the only company that refuses to help when between a rock & a hard place.

Thanks to all that have helped me out throughout the years, a special nod to TRaj & Chtris. In fact, thank you whomever, that wouldn't even address my concerns. Against Company policy I'm sure.