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Help for a customer running Netfinity 7000

I have a customer running an OS/Citrix application on old Netfinity 7000 severs. He is desperate to find a bit level backup solution as his servers (started with 6 and down to 3) are failing. We can find some servers on eBay and some other sites but he has no way to back up the production machines. He also wants to use some servers as DR machines. Is there a version of Ghost or Symantec backup that would be a viable solution? And yes, I know they should get into the 21st century but that is a completely different discussion.


Thanks in advance

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With SSR you can boot of with

With SSR you can boot of with the SRD CD and take a blocklevel backup of the disks, given that the correct drivers for RAID etc. are available. This backup can be applied then to other machines, even with dissimilar hardware or to a VM running on Hyper-V or VMWare.

Anything still unlclear here?

Anything still unlclear here?