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How do I create a Custom Recovery Disk using the SSR 2013 Trial

I've just downloaded the SSR 2013 trial and want to create a bootable recovery disk.  From what I can tell from the unavailable user guide and sparse help file, I need the to have a SSR disk or SSR recovery .iso in hand and neither was provided with the trial.


Is there a way to proceed without them?

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You need a recovery disk/ISO

You need a recovery disk/ISO file to create a custom disk.

You can download the recovery disk from our trialware site:

Hope that helps.

That helps a whole lot,

That helps a whole lot, thanks!

Also, (I've mentioned this in a couple other places) I eventually learned that SSR 2013 won't install if NG 15 is already present.  The problem is, the installation fails without any indication why.  I think it would be a *real* good idea to update your SSR installation to provide the reason rather than sending your new users off to figure it out for themselves.

The link you provided sends

The link you provided sends you to downloading the SERVER Edition of SSR 2013 Recovery Disk ISO.

Where can I download the DESKTOP SSR 2013 Recovery Disk ISO?  (I am also in the 60 day trial period, after previously using Ghost 15)

Desktop edition is

Desktop edition is here: You can use the recovery disk as is. You can also manually add drivers if you need any. But you can't actually create your own custom recovery disc until the product is activated. Dave

More feedback:  I downloaded

More feedback:  I downloaded the Server Edition (even though I need the Desktop one)  from the link to see what was there (702MB file).  That file contains two zip files, one for 32 bit and one for 64 bit.  Upon examining the zip files there is an ISO file in each one.

The name of the zip file for the 64bit version is:

SSR 2013 Recovery_Disk_64\\

But INSIDE the zip file, the ISO file is SSR 2011, and NOT ssr 2013:

SSR11.0.0.46600_AllWin_64bit_English_SrdOnly.iso dated 9/30/2012

What now???

I just looked and it appears

I just looked and it appears that the recovery disks and the product are the same between the server edition and desktop edition. So you don't need to re-download it if you used the link from Chris. The product installation and/or serial number determines the end product. The ISO is a CD or DVD image file you need to burn it to disk with an ISO aware burning tool. In windows 7 you can right click on it and select "burn to disc" for other versions of windows you can use a free program like "ImgBurn". Dave

I went to the new link (thank

I went to the new link (thank you) for the Desktop version. 

I burned the 32bit to CD and tested it.  I booted from the CD and opened what it "said" was Symantec System Recovery 2013 (even though the file date is 6 months old  9/30/2012), before SSR 2013 was obviously even released.

I was able to browse my recovery points (both SSR 2013 Recovery Point as well as older Ghost 15 Recovery points).  I restored a sample file just fine.  Bravo!

The title menu of the program says Symantec System Recovery 2013 (even though the file date is 6 months old  9/302012).  How is that possible?  Is this Norton Ghost 15 SRD or the new Symantec SRD for SSR 2013?

I looked at the Utilities section to see any signs of newness or updates.  I saw the same old "Edit Boot.ini" utility (which hasn't been used past XP days).  Is there supposed to be a newer "Edit BCD" for Windows 7 recovery, or other newer partition aware tools?

Dave, I did the same and saw

Dave, I did the same and saw the same. I also figured out that I can easily burn the .iso to create a bootable disk image. But there's a catch. When I created the "Custom Recovery Image" I was prompted to enter an activation code, which I imagine gets bound into the created disk. Since I'm using a trial version there's no activation to enter. I'm still allowed to create the .iso but will be prompted to enter a activation code should I ever want to use it. The bottom line is the trial version allows for unlimited backup during the 60 day period but should you ever want to reliably do a system restore you're... stuck. As a disenfranchised Ghost user who has spent a few days working with the SSR trial I am feeling more and more like Symantec, despite their generous offer of 40% off MSRP, wants me to consider alternative solutions.

mgshn- You won't be "stuck"


You won't be "stuck" trying to do a restore with the standard recovery disk.  I would guess that over 90% of the systems out there don't require a custom disc.  The only important driver that may be necessary for a restore is the hard drive controller.  You can easily test that by booting the recovery disk and seeing if your able to browse to you hard drive.  If for any reason the recovery disk does not already contain the driver you need you can manually load a driver for it.

Even if you had to manually load the driver for testing purposes thats going to give you a fair trial of the product.

I'm also sorry to hear your a disenfranchised Ghost user.  I happen to be DaveH one of the Gurus on the Norton forum.  I can see now that you had a problem where it looks like you forgot to restore the SRP partition for windows 7, thats why the system doesn't boot.

Brian or I would be more than happy to help you in any way we can should you want to continue with that situation.  The same thing is going to apply with SSR 2013, you need to restore the SRP partition as well as the windows partition or if your not going to use bitlocker you can simply run a startup repair to make your system bootable.





Thanks for pointing this

Thanks for pointing this out.

I will make the relevant people aware of this. I agree, we should make it obvious why the install is failing.

There is one download for

There is one download for both server and desktop.

This is correct. The internal

This is correct.

The internal version of SSR 2013 is 11.0.0

The internal version of SSR 2011 is 10.0.0

I mentioned this on your

I mentioned this on your other thread, but for the benefit of others watching here....these are the only things that you cannot do when in trail mode:

*The following features are unavailable with this FREE 60 day trial: Backing up My Computer and Virtual to Physical conversions from the Symantec System Recovery Disk.

Hope that helps to clear up any confusion.

Another issue has surfaced,

Another issue has surfaced, described in a sperate thread, aside from needing the custom restore CD b/c of additinal drivers I need. SSR 2013 WILL NOT UNINSTALL. Without being abile to remove SSR I cannot reinstall Ghost. That means in 57 days I will not have a working backup program unless I either buy this one before I even know if it works or buy a competitors product because loading the free Symantec trial prevented me from ever again using Ghost. If you can help me uninstall SSR I would apprediate it because speaking for hours with several people at Sym. tech support has not resulted in success. Bob


download the server edition of SRD. Make sure you download the English option or Multiligua. Once downloaded look for the ISO compressed zip file. Extract and burn on the DVD

mgshn, Just a note: I have


Just a note: I have used most of the popular backup programs on the market today and you will not find a more reliable backup than SSR. 99% of all systems can be restored without making a custom SRD. And even to different hardware as long as you have the drivers for the new hardware. I have done this many times on many different servers.


I have gone through the

I have gone through the ridiculously long and privacy infringing registration process just to be able to provide a response to my (and obviously others) problems with trying to create what should be a simple matter of creating a Recovery Boot Disk - let alone a 'Custom' Recovery Boot Disk.

My opinion?

It's crap. Poorly documented, poorly advised and woefully managed.

NO MENTION about limitations before downloading the trial.

Even the Trial page was faulty. Click on the download button and it immediately takes you back to the fillout the documentation screen. No mention of 'An email has been sent to you ......'.

Frustration from the start.

And again NO MENTION in the software of how to do what should be a simple task of creating a Rescue Boot Disk. Just a mention of how to create a CUSTOM Rescue Boot Disk which can't be done anyway.

This is a timewasting heap of junk. And if this is only evident right at the start of trying to use this dumb software then I shudder to think what is in store later. So much time wasted 

I can't wait to uninstall it. Hopefully that works OK. Will be a pleasant change.

Good luck to others that attempt to perservere with this rubbish.



Just a mention of how to

Just a mention of how to create a CUSTOM Rescue Boot Disk which can't be done anyway.

You CAN create a custom recovery disk when in trial mode. What exactly is the problem you are having?

Hi Chris. Thanks for the

Hi Chris.

Thanks for the reply.

Re the creation of a Custom Boot Disc I quote:

From Brian_H response.

You can use the recovery disk as is. You can also manually add drivers if you need any.
But you can't actually create your own custom recovery disc until the product is activated.

I took this to mean that if it's not the full purchased version it's not activated and thus no Custom Boot Disc. My apologies if that was in error but perhaps that comment could be clarified.

However, the rest of my issues remain. There should have been a simple link in the Recovery/Tools option to "Create a Recovery Boot Disk" not Create A Custom Boot Disk. I have uninstalled  SSR so can't check on my terminology but the gist should be clear. Then after going to the 'Create A Rescue Boot Disc' a clear link to how to do it should be provided (including appropriate files) there could then be the additional option to Create A Custom Disc,

There is/was an issue with obtaining the Trial Version as I previously mentioned. Most frustrating filling out the required form, clicking submit, only to be sent back to filling out the form repeatedly without any indication that an email had been sent.

Rightly or wrongly, to my way of thinking, System Recovery Software should be error and/or confusion free and very easy to follow right at the beginning of useage otherwise frustration sets in and in my case a decision to discontinue trialling the software. Perhaps a loss for me and definitely a loss for Symantec.

Thanks for your reply, I shall no longer upset your day.

Peter B.