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How do I get rid of old Backup Jobs that were managed by a Symantec BESR Management Server that no longer exists?

My customer is using Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery V8.0.4 and the Server which was being used as the Central Management node has died.  They also do not have the origianl storage node the centrally managed backup jobs were using.  They will upgrade soon and in the mean time I have created local Backup Jobs on the nodes to keep them regularly backing up.  I want to delete, or at least disable, all of the old backup jobs.  When I try to do this the BESR tells me "The backups job is controlled by a central management system.  Contact your system administrator."

I found Arcticle TECH67818 at and I can find some of the files mention in Step 3 (.PQJ and sv2i) but not the RPAM Folder in Step 4 or the RPAM file in Step 5.

Is TECH67818 the best way to resolve the issue?


I can provide Screenshots, etc if necessary.




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Puh, quite old product but

Puh, quite old product but anyway. This technote is a good way. If you want to reuse the no orphanted jobs open the PQJ file and look for the managed attribute. You can set this to 0. Now you should be able to edit the job in the BESR console.

Any updates here?

Any updates here?