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How to get rid of old SSR File and Folder original source destinations

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There are some old SSR File and Folder original source destinations that keep showing up in the recovery process.  See the G:\Lifevantage and G:\Test below.  There are no backup jobs for these and the backup destinations have long been deleted.  How do I stop these from showing up?



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Check the following technote :

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Pretty drastic.  Any change to this "behavior" in Veritas System Recovery 16?

This article you linked to talks about Manage Backup Destinations which only manages backup destinations for Drive backups and NOT File and Folder backups.  I see no way to manage File and Folder backup destinations.  In fact when you delete a File and Folder backup job, it does not delete the File and Folder backup destination data (expected behavior as in drive backups) nor does it remove the backup destinations from the File and Folder recovery process. 

The problem is that there is NO way that I can find to manage orphaned (or ANY) File and Folder backup destinations and data (like you can manage with drive backups).  If the only way to do that is by wiping out all existing history and starting over then there is something very wrong with File and Folder backups.  Also it is not possible to add an offsite copy to a File and Folder backup job.