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How to handle full disks with BESR 2010

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I'm running into problems when the disks used as the destination for the recovery points no longer have enough space to hold another recovery point.
I just get errors that there isn't enough space.  I'm use to the Backup Exec world where I have either "overwrite" or "append" jobs, and I can control when
the disk gets "erased " so anothe full job can run.

With BESR 2010, I just don't get how it works.  Once the drive is full, and I supposed to put a new drive in?  If it was a previously used BESR drive, am I
supposed to manually format it first to empty it?  

If someone could explain the basic premise on how this works, I'd appreciate it!.  I just want something I can set it, and forget it (except for monitoring it, of course).
I have big drives, so it should be able to hold 2-3 weeks of recovery points (1 full plus incrementals), but then what???

Thanks for explaining.


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If you look at the backup job properties, you'll see a section for 'Limit the number of recovery point sets..'. One set equals the full (base) image plus all the incrementals. The oldest set will be deleted once this number is reached so you need to do your sums and figure out how many sets you need and how much space they are going to take up on the backup destination.

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