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How to upgrade SSR R2 to VSR 16 or 18

Level 4

I have been running SSR R2 Desktop Edition ( for several years now with no problems.  Right now I am running it on my Win 7 desktop but would also like to back up my Win 10 tablet/laptop.  I have a couple of questions:

  • Can someone point me to where I now go for support (tele #'s, sites, etc.)
  • How do I upgrade to VSR? And should I upgrade to 16 or 18?  And how much is it?  
  • Is this an upgrade or uninstall/reinstall?
  • Can someone please point me to the differences between SSR and VSR?  As I remember, last time I looked the changes appeared to be mostly cosmetic.  
  • What is the best way to support my win10 tablet/laptop?  Can I use the same license?  Would it require a separate install or can I support from my Win7 desktop?  The tablet/laptop is on the same network, but only wifi connectivity.
  • Is this an "easy" transition? (loaded question)




I think there might be an upgrade section in the VSR 16/18 users guide. For VSR-MS there is definitly such a section.
11.1 is SSR 2011 SP1 right? At least from SSR 2013 you can upgrade to VSR 16, so I hope this is also true for SSR 2011.

Take a look at the "What's new in Veritas System Recovery 16"

or VSR 18

For licensing questions please contact the licensing deparment:

As VSR 16/18 are new versions you will get new license keys. I dont't think you can manage new versions of VSR with older versions, so I think it's best to manage Win7 from Win10.

Upgrading the individual agents should bei "easy", more effort is needed to upgrade SSR-MS.

Thanks Marcus. is no longer a good link.

The 11.1.. that I have is SSR 2013 R2.  Given that Symantec sold off Veritas in 2016 and SSR with it, I am assuming that VSR 16 is SSR 2013 R2 but with cosmetic changes that would include name and licensing changes.  If that is a correct assumption, then I just need to verify that upgrading from SSR 2013 R2 to VSR 16 will maintain all my existing backup and recovery information (backup jobs, SRD status, etc.).  I really don't want to recreate all that info.  Is this correct?  

Can I assume the same with upgrading directly from SSR 2013 R2 to VSR 18 or would it be  better to upgrade to 16 first?  Is the upgrade from 16 to 18  a free upgrade?

And asking the question in a different way, is the VSR 16 install a true upgrade that recognizes the existence of SSR 2013 R2 and maintains all existing backup/recovery/SRD information but will require new licensing?

I will definitely need to manage the Win 10 tablet/laptop from my Win 7 desktop.  That is an absolute requirement because the Win 10 pc is seldom on line and I would handle manually when online.  The question is how is that accomplished?  Is there a separate license required for the laptop?  Is VSR installed on both machines?  I certainly would have to create a a Recovery Disk for the laptop to be able to boot from in case of the need to recover the SSD.  Right now the S(ymantec)RD Wizard does not support Win 10 so I can't even do it with SSR 2013 R2, therefore my requirement to get upgraded.  Can I manage the Desktop and Laptop from the same license and if so how does that work? 

Pretty much, can you tell me exactly how that would work please?


Yep, SSR to VSR 16 and 18 should retain jobs and settings and will ask you for new licenses.

Afaik VSR has only two license types: Desktop and server, so I think you only need two desktop licenses. As VSR 18 is also a new version you'd need new licenses. But contact the licensing department to validate this.

In case i would recommend two full installations (agent + gui) on both the Win 7 and the Win 10 machine. Because for the creation of the Win 10 SRD you need the GUI also.