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Hybrid drives very large incrementally backup

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In my new laptop is a  500Gb HD/SS Hybrid drives.  It is partitioned into a 150Gb C drive for Win 10 and the balance into a F data drive. I do a incrementally backup.   I have use SSR since the days of Ghost.

I do not add a lot of data between backup -- mostly email and one or two word documents.  Now the allmost daily incrementally backups are very large -- almost as large as a full backup. see the attached screen shot.  Is this because of the way that a Hybrid drive works?





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It looks like the size of incremental backups dramatically increased from 1st April onwards - what changed around that time?

Full backups (100+ GB) are still far bigger than the incrementals (most recent is 37GB).

So in theory; either loads of data was added to the drive making incrementals increase on 1st April or perhaps an update for Windows 10 caused this. Maybe look at your history of installed Windows updates to see if this gives any clues.