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I need to image a BIOS computer to UEFI

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I can't seem to find a guide or any help. How can I image a bios computer and then restore it to a uefi computer. I tried for a week with absolutely no success. System Recovery can put the image on the computer but it will never boot and if I boot from the Windows 7 CD it will not see the operating system so I can not do any repairs. 

I saw on symantec site for Ghost that " This issue occurs when you deploy an image of Windows 12 BIOS type client computer on a UEFI enabled client computer. You must add the following command in the Command-line options field of the Command -line tab of the Advanced option of the Deploy Image task: -cesp"


This does not apply to System Recovery as far as I can tell. I do not see a place to put in any commands.  Since Ghost is being discontinued what can I do? 


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 BIOS based recovery point can be restored on a BIOS and a UEFI based recovery point can be restored on a UEFI machine

Please refer the following 

Hope this helps !

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So the answer is that its not possible?

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No help?

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No..currently SSR does not support cross firmware restore.

After so many years of this product being around, you would think that this issue would be solved. That and the ability to automatically schedule monthly baseline backups on a particular day of a week {such as 1st Saturday).

I am hoping that Veritas gives more attention to these concerns than did Symantec.

Other products, including some rather inexpensive Chinese software, do BIOS/UEFI conversion.