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IDR Beckup Exec 10d and Dell RD1000

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I'm looking for some help with this because I am at a dead end at what to do next.

I am looking to restore a Server from a Dell RD1000  ( B2D Drive)

I have created the media on the Server sucessfully and have gotten to the Detecting Media Devices part in the Wizzard.

I am having a problem here, the Wizzard cannot find my RD1000 as a vaild  Device to continue with the Restore process.

In Windows, it see's it as a USB Mass Storage Device.  No Drivers Needed nor supplied from Dell ( i checked they just have the firmware)

But I still can't get the IDR wizzard to "see" this device so I can move on with the Restore.

Does IDR support USB Devices?  Am I SOL here?

Some system Background

Windows SBS 2003 R2  SP 2

Backup Exec 10d Rev 5629

Thank you in adavnced for any help you can provide.