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Insufficient disk space - stop on command files execution


We are using command files option to delete backup's files in the folder on few servers

We have few USB disks for each backup, switched every day, and we cannot use Veritas/Symantec to keep only 1 copy of backup because backup is covering about 90% disk space and Veritas require space for 2 backup to keep 1 backup.

So we are using .bat file with command:


But when backup startting, it stucks on not enought space info. I have to click on "cancel" and command file is ececuting and backup starting.


My command file settings:


What I'm doing wrong? Problem is on the old Symentec revovery, but the same problem is on new Veritas 21.3 on another server

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Re: Insufficient disk space - stop on command files execution

VSR checks the disk space before running the batch file in "Run before snapshot creation".
So please run the batch file in Windows Task scheduler before VSR starts backing up.