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Invalid Target Drive HDD

Level 5


I have been monitoring the two seperate HDDs in a dual boot configuration and now each time I boot into the recovery environment I get both Invalid Target Drives. The edit function also works every time to enable the drives to become valid again but in my humble opinion that is not acceptable.

I can now say that this latest result eliminates the SSD and drivers fault.

As you quite rightly said in the previous thread it may be the fault of WinPE and now I firmly belive that.

WinPE cannot cope with a dual boot and or a multi boot machine only a conventional single drive as in my laptop.

I am sure that I am not on my own in the computing world using a dual boot or multi boot machine, some software apps work better on older operating systems.

I didn't realise that WinPE was a Microsoft code so maybe Symantec and Microsoft could get together and sort this out, but I won't hold my breath though because I feel that they (Microsoft) won't admit to it.

If you want to comment on what I have said feel free to do so but I am happy to close this thread now, I only opened it for your information.