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Is there a way to trigger backups based on network silence?

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We backup about 50 desktops/laptops.  The number or time period of backups isn't as important as the backups not ever interfering with user's work.  In the past use of this product, users have been able to detect system or network slowdowns no matter how far I set the performance sliders.


We'd like to have backups being done on machine idleness, and network idleness.  i.e. never more than 1 backup of a client done at a time, and never when a user is actively working.  The option to backup on user logoff doesn't clarify if it happens during a shutdown, which may delay a shutdown significantly, or if it only does it on a "log off" request, which would be ideal. 


If a machine misses 2 months worth of backup but can fulfill these requirements, then that is acceptable to us.


Is this possible?


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At this time there is no option to start a backup based on system or network current load. If you would like to see such a feature please go to: and submit your feedback.


When using the "log off" event trigger a backup only occurs when a user selects to log off specifically and does not occur when selecting to simply shutdown.

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After submission of the suggestion I got a HTTP 500 Error:


  The website cannot display the page  HTTP 500   Most likely causes:
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I would suggest that Symantec fix that, but that seems too hall-of-mirrors like.

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As always I suggest those on this thread to use the HELP | Send Feedback option to let product development know the importance of this issue to you.

You might also want to consider using the VBS script examples on the BESR product CD and combine it with network monitor / bandwidth monitor that can dump its stats to a flat file that the script would parsed and launched a backup if sufficiently meeting the bandwidth requirements given.

Backup Exec System Recovery Technical support does not offer assistance, at this time, in the creation or editing of such scripts. For assistance in the creation of scripts contact our professional services department at 1-877-870-5700.