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LiveState 6.01 Agent install

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I'm attempting to install the Agent for Livestate 6.01 on a couple of computers running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise. Whenever I run the Agent installer I get the error "Unsupported property value." After a search of the Symantec forums the only relevant answers to my question is to deploy the Agent via the main Console application from another computer. I cannot seem to find this feature/ability/option. Is it just hidden somewhere? Or does it no longer exist with this version of Livestate? Is there another way to install the Agent?

Thanks for any help.

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I have the same issue. I am unable to install the agent manually from the CD. And there does not seem to be an option to deploy the agent from the server console in the new LSR 6.0 version. NEED SOLUTION!

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Unfortunately the deploy agent functionality has been removed in version 6.0 of LiveState Recovery. You will need to install the entire product in order to make it works.

PS: Installing just the agent from the CD is neither an option. You will always have to install the entire product from the CD.

Kind Regards,

Fabio Cerullo

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The only option you have with LSR 6.X is to install the full install from CD or purchase the Manager and install it that way. The unsupported property value is from installing from the agent folder, which will not work.