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LiveState Advanced Server 6.0 fails to consolidate incremental backups

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I'm currently using LiveState 6.0 Advanced Server to create snapshots and store them on a NetApp FAS270 filer.

I have configured a scheduled job to run every hour and produce base and incremental snapshots which are saved to a share on the filer. I've setup a serive account for LiveState and made it a member of the Domain Admins group.

Today I noticed that every time the scheduled job runs the followinf error message is generated in the Application log:

Description: Error EC8F17B7: Cannot create recovery points for job: Recovery point of C:\. Error EC8F17D9: Cannot complete scheduled consolidation of incremental recovery points for (C:\). Error EC8F17D8: Cannot complete consolidation of incremental recovery points. Error EC8F03F1: Cannot open recovery point '\\fas270\backup$\DC2\DC2_C_Drive002_i030.iv2i'. Error E0BB002B: File \\fas270\backup$\DC2\DC2_C_Drive002_i030.iv2i does not exist or is unavailable.
Details: 0xE0BB002B
Source: LiveState Recovery

Now the thing is I can browse to the share location and see the files are in fact present, and if LiveState's account has full control to the share there should be no real reason why it cannot open the incremental files so a considation operation can be performed.

Has anyone else come across this?, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Michael Wlach
Systems Administrator

Level 4
Hi Michael

Please verify that the share you are trying to access has full permissions for the user "Everyone". Also make sure that if you map the drive you are using an account that is listed and have write privileges on that share.


Mr Fabietto