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Livestate discovering computers

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We have livestate recovery, but have not got it working so far. First we installed it on a windows 2003, opened the ports in the firewall. Then we discovered computers, it fund them, and then we added them to managed computers, it all went as it should. It finish with rebooting the new client computer, but the computer never showed up under managed computers. Any one have an idea of why this is?

Now we have installed it on at windows Xp pro, I have disabled the firewall on both the computers I am testing on. Every time i try to add the computer to managed computers i get the message access denied. So I am stuck again. Any one have any ideas.


Level 4
Hi Kenneth

Have you installed LSRM and selected the smeclnt as a domain account. If that is the case have you set up that account as an administrator one. Most of the times this problem is related to "smeclnt" problems that are solved by just uninstalling the product and by the time you need to select what account to use, select "domain account" smeclnt, create the account into AD, give it Administrator privileges and continue installation.

Please tell me the results.

Thank you

Mr. Fabietto

Level 4
Are you using the LiveState Recovery Manager and clients, or installing the LSR on each of the machines, and trying to manage from a Central location?