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Managing the Offsite Backup

Level 3

I think this issue applies to the offsite backup copy for SSRS versions 2013 and later.  I've been using SSRS since it was a Norton product and have continued using it all the way to VRS 21.

I have a NAS share as my off-site location and it works great, but the copies just grow endlessly.  I'd like to be able to prune out old offsite copies, but there is no management UI within the app.  Sure, I can manage the local backup locations and set expriations on the recovery points, and perform file actions like consolidating and what not.  But there is no similar UI to manage the off-site copies!

So my offsite destination has grown to 9TB and I'd really like to keep it under control!  Yes I can just delete the copies loaded up to the offsite location, but I was wondering if/why/when/how VRS could or would offer options within it to manage the offsite locations.  Sure the app will strat to delete when the off-site location gets full, but lets be honest, we don't ever let our NAS get full!  That's like letting our temp locatiosn fill with log files and crash the database!  LOL! 

Or maybe, I'm just missing it and the UI has these capabilities that I've overlooked for 10 years or more...

So I post the question here.  Ideas?  Comments?  Tips?  I welcome them.  Thanks...



Offsite copy function syncronizes recovery points only that VSR currently manages between the primary location and offsite location.

For instance, VSR currently manages 3 recovery points in the primary location like below. 


Similary VSR manages 3 recovery points in the offsite location like below.


In addition, the older recovery points (C_Drive008.v2i / C_Drive009.v2i) are in the offsite location. Norton Ghost might create them.

Then, VSR does not manage C_Drive008.v2i / C_Drive009.v2i.
When a new recovery point (C_Drive013.v2i) is created in the primary location, C_Drive013.v2i will be created in the offsite location and C_Drive010.v2i will be deleted from both locations.
However, C_Drive008.v2i and C_Drive009.v2i remain since VSR does not manage them.