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Migrate Backup Exec 8.5 To SSR 2013 R2 Management Solution

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I'm after any advise or war stories concerning people's experiences with moving from Symantec Backup Exec 8.5 to System Recovery 2013 Management Solution.

We currently have 800 or so desktop pc's that are currently served by 2 Backup Exec 8.5 servers. The idea is to move these client pc's to our existing System Recovery Management Solution server.

Any thoughts or Ideas on how best to achieve this will be greatly appreciated.

One concern is that the single SSR Management Solution server would be insufficient to carry the load generated by 800 additional clients and I was wondering how I could distribute the workload across a secondary server.


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As they are basically 2 different products, there is no migration path (sorry I don't have better news).

It should be possible to use 1 Management Server to manage 800 clients - we have other customers with bigger environments than this using just 1 central server for management.