Mirror Drive problem on HP Proliant DL320 while doing system recovery

I have a new DL320 G5 server that I am trying to do a system recovery on.  The server has two 160GB drives that are mirrored.  I am currently using System system recovery v6.5.  On the server I have an 8:GB system partition with two additional partitions (D:\ and E:\).  I made an image of my server and copied it to another partition on my server (E:\ drive). 
I then want to test to see if I can recovery the image of the C: drive by booting from the Symantec CD and using the image from the E:\ partition.
I choose the following options:
Recover My Computer
Recover Drives
Recover Single Drive
I Browse my recovery drive and I am able to select the v2i image file.
I hit next and I am given the following available destinations:
Disk 1  8GBNTFS primary
Disk 1  40GB NTFS logical
Disk 1 68.9GB NTFS logical
Disk 1 173 Unallocated Primary
Disk 2 8GB NTFS primary
Disk 2 40GB NTFS logical
Disk 2 68.9 NTFS logical
Disk 2 173 Unallocated Primary
I am not sure why I have Disk 1 and Disk 2....the only thing I can think of is that it is seeing the mirror.  I have chosen the destination of Disk 1 8GB primary with the following options:
Set drive active (for booting OS) and Restore MBR.  Everything else unchecked.
It never boots successfully.   It will start Windows but it just hangs at the Windows prompt. 
Can anyone explain what I am seeing with the Disks above?  I just want to see if I am choosing the right partition and if I am able to expain that partition by selecting the expand with all the unallocated space checked.  Basically, I would like to expand the partition to 40GB.
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Re: Mirror Drive problem on HP Proliant DL320 while doing system recovery

Likely the mass-storage controller driver is either not being loaded correctly, not available, or requires a firmware update of the RAID controller to see your RAID 1 array as one single volume to write out the recovery point image to. Ruling out possible firmware updates that may be needed for the recovery disk to use the drivers it already has, and that you have updated to the 6.54 build of the recovery disk, does using the F6 option when booting into the recovery environment - so to load a Windows 2003 driver for the controller – allow you to see the disks as one single volume?
With your current partition arrangement you will only be able to expand the last E partition into the unallocated space at the end of the drive; and that is if you expand it extended partition boundary first.
If you have a Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) version 7.0x recovery CD, capable of restoring BESR 6.5x images, you may want to use its limited resizing capabilities when attempting to perform a restore of your recovery point images to a completely unallocated RAID 1 volume space.
Otherwise, use a Windows OS CD or other partitioning utilities to create, ‘Place holder partitions,’ on the RAID 1 volume prior to your next restore attempt. These place holding partitions are deleted, one at a time on each image restore attempt pass; at the point where you are asked within the restore wizard for an, ‘available destinations.’
Under the your restore options during your restore attempt include in your selection the, ‘Resize drive to fill unallocated space,’ to fill the selected recovery point image to the space once occupied by the place holding partition.
For a list of restore options and their use review Table 4-3 on page 81 of the 6.5 version of the Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery Implementation Guide.