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Missed the Serial number Key and source files for Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery Manager 8.5

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Hi Guys,

My organisation is using Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery Manager 8.5 and currently this is running in one of Windows 2003 OS. Unfortunately, I could not find the source media of this software which I require to install this software on Windows 2008 OS.

Upon looking into the Symantec Backup Exec™ System Recovery Manager 8.5, I can see the product key but I don't have have software Serial number. I came to know that software Serial number/product ID key can helps to download the media from Symantec.

Any one know how I can download the source media files in the absence of Software Serial Number? Or if there is any other way, I can retreive the Serial number from currently installed software ; or I can download this software without serial key/product ID?, thanks



You could take a look at the licensing portal at both Veritas AND Symantec. I should think I saw this old version in the Symantec licensing portal.

Thanks Markus for your reply.

I could not find any licesne portal information from my organisation. Not sure if some one in my team has created account in symantec license portal.

Upon looking at sysmtantec backup exec system recovery Manager, I can only see the  client licenses files option , please see the attachment, however It is empty. Also when I check Manager product key in the console, it only has 16 digits product key not the serial number.



OK, so then my last idea is to contact the licensing deparment.

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You may checkout this Veritas Blog for this.

Step By Step Guide To Download And Install The Program