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Network Storage Protocol support?

Level 5

While doing some testing, I tried adding a network location but notice you must provide a user/pwd. So you cant use a group but a person. Ok created a service account and set it up.

but our AWS storage we were contemplating on using, they gave the unc path. I asked for the username and pwd.. they said.. only a username, no pwd. I said i needed one.

so i put a ticket into Veritas and i was told SMB/CIFS can be used so they created a share off of that..

so now upper management wants a question answered which is..

what NAS protocols does SSR/VSR support? i have to answer this so I do know SMB/CIFS but what else?

we are in a mass redo globally setting up AWS in certain locations wher esxi is available and going aws appliances elsewhere (possibly netapps) but im being asked this...

appreciate this totally...


we are on SSR 2013 R2 Patch 6 and going VSR 18 Patch ( 4? ) with MS solution...



In the Releasenotes for VSR 18 SP1

Amazon S3 storage is listed for example. And in the release notes for VSR 18 Direct backup to Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 Cloud storage

Hope this helps!