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No drives showing


    I am attempting to create a backup job on a freshly built Win7x64 machine using SSR 2013 R2 (  I have used this software successfully on other Win7x64 machines before with no problem.  However on this PC it is unable to see any of the drives when creating a backup job.

    I have located KB documents indicating a drive shrink function as a possible resolution.  I have done that multiple times, and I have shrunk the drives to an even GB multiple of 1024 with no luck.  Running the PartInfo utility and reviewing the results does not indicate any warnings (file attached).

    Any suggestions?



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Re: No drives showing

I suppose the show hidden drives option is set?

Do you see the volumes when starting the SSR console without creating a backup job?

When shriking the volume did you follow is procedure:

1. Start Diskmgmt.msc 2. Right click on the disks which SSR is not able to see 3. Shrink the volume by some nominal size (1GB-5GB) 4. Stop "Symantec System Recovery" and "SymTrackService" services 5. Start "Symantec System Recovery" Service 6. Open SSR console and see if the volumes are enumerated


Re: No drives showing


Can you run SmeDump.exe (from C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec System Recovery\Utility), then provide the output file:


Re: No drives showing

Thanks, Markus.

Correct, the show hidden drives option is set.

No, the drives are not visibible on the Home screen.  I clicked on 'Unable to determine status' and got the error message:

-Error E1AD27F0: Cannot determine protection.
--Cannot obtain available drive letters.

A Google search on that error takes me to  However, the technote referenced in that article ( appears to be missing.

Yes, I followed the directions to shrink the volume.  Slightly different from what you wrote.  I did the shrink command between the start & stop, rather than before it - which is what the KB doc suggests.  I also rebooted just for grins with no luck.

Re: No drives showing

Thanks, Criley.

Done & attached.

Re: No drives showing


I don't see any obvious problems (yet, will keep looking ..).

Are you willing to upgrade to VSR 16 SP2 to see if this helps? Trialware download is here: