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Off Host Backups and Exchange

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I have a new Dell PowerEdge T410 server (Server 2008 Enterprise R2) that acts as our BUE 2010 Media Server.  It has an external HP Ultrium 1840 tape drive.

I have a new Dell PowerEdge R610 server (Server 2008 enterprise R2) that acts as our MS Exchange 2008 server.  It has an external EqualLogic PS4000 array with 4TB of space.

I have a SAN set-up using dual Dell PowerConnect 5424 switches.  Each server has dual NICs; one each to the SAN switch and the LAN.

Trying to accomplish Off Host Backups of my Information Stores.  Consistent failure.  Hours online with Symantec technical support and Dell technical support have been unfruitful.  Does anyone have any experience with Symantec's Off Host backups?




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You have not mentioned the Version of Exchange and also which VSS provider you are using. Is it you are trying to use the Equalogic Hardware provider or MS VSS provider.

Have you also checked the Administrator's guide on implementing the Offhost backup? Not to mention you have the ADBO license installed?  The errors you are getting would have been helpful here. It would be good if you can post the errors that you are getting in the job log.


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Yes, Exchange Server 2008.

We are using the EqualLogic VSS provider.

Yes, have the ADBO installed.

Have been all over the admin guide to offhist backups.  Have many hours to Symantec tech support, as well as Dell's. 

Errors: Mainly 0xE0001904 Snapshot Provider Errors





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I've been able to get ADBO working for me. A few things I had to make sure was the I had the same hardware VSS provider version on both my backup and remote server. Also, my SAN provider recommended having the OS the same on both the backup and remote servers. Meaning, if your backup server is Server 2008 R2, your Exchange server or file server should also be Server 2008 R2. I my case, it didn't work too well when my  backup server was R2 and my file server was Server 2003. Another thing I would check is to make sure you have "automatically select open file technology" checked under  Advanced Open File.


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