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Off Site Storage Solution

Level 4

Veritas 18 currently backs up my drives to an internal SATA6 drive and "off site" copies to a usb attached SATA drive.  The full weekly backups of my 5 drives are 53, 212, 295, 85, and 180 gb.  The daily incrementals run anywhere from 1or 2 gigabytes sometimes to 30 - 40 gb for each of the drives.  I have a total of about 2TB of backups with all the data sets included. I would like to add another off site copy, preferably to the cloud, which would protect my from a catastrophic event.  The problem I am having is that all the cloud storage services I have looked at so far are abysmally slow.  Using the fastest one I have found it would take 1.25, 5, 7, 2, and 4.5 hours respectivelly for the weekly off site copies.  Besides pushing the weekly backups into the next day, those times introduce the possibility of incurring some type of error in the copy.  I have considered using a NAS but that is still susceptable to lightning strikes (even with good surge protection) or a malicious attack like ransom ware. 

Anyway, I would appreciate any ideas or advice here. 



You could use the FTP feature for that. Maybe.


Decrease the "Maximum" number in "Limit the number of recovery point sets saved for this backup" if you would like to set Cloud as the additional offsite copy. If the maximum number is 3 or more, all recovery points for 3 or more generations are copied to Cloud. The network band width to Cloud is narrow in general, and it will take a long time. So I recommend to decrease the max number.

Or please create a new independent backup job for Cloud with the different schedule from the existing backup job.