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Opcion copia de seguridad deshabilitado...

Hola a todos, acudo a ustedes para ver si pueden ayudarme con una duda, en System Recovery no puedo seleccionar que archivos especificos backupear porque me aparaece la opcion deshabilitada, adjunto una imagen para mostrar a que me refiero, ya coloqué la licencia pero aun así aparece deshabilitado que puede ser?

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In english please ?

In english please ?

  Please, I need help with


Please, I need help with product System Recovery 2011. I can not select the specific files that I want to backup, because the option is disabled.

Attached is a picture to show what I mean. I also put the license and the problem continues.

Could you tell me what is the problem?



Hm do you open the console on

Hm do you open the console on the machine where the files are located or from a remote machine ?

I suspect you are trying to

I suspect you are trying to do this on a remote machine. If this is true, you can only configure file/folder backups locally I'm afraid.