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PROBLEM to install altiris client with console management solution 2011 of backup exec

I'm trying to make the client installation from the Altiris management console exec backup solution for 2011 and send errors, try to install manually on a computer and a server and send the agent installation errors.
Only able to install the console without problems, problems arise when trying to install as first point Altiris agent
the new version. someone will have the same problem or help me with the correct way to configure these consoles.
see file attachment.


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Why is the server name only

Why is the server name only .local ok n the logfile ?


Does the issue still exist ?

Does the issue still exist ?


If you already corrected, is that the server management console solution had two network cards, one for an iSCSI connection and one for the LAN, the problem lay in the IIS, had to fix because the IIS bindings was taking the network card device which once sought to establish the connection to the console sending error. You can give resolved.


You need to click on mark as

You need to click on mark as solution in the post, i can't do it since you created this thread.