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Power Failure during backup

Level 4

I am new to SSR, but am a long time Ghost user.

Win 7-64 SSR 2013 Desktop up to date.

During the initial backup of a 2Tb drive there was a power failure after 6 hours of backup. I check the backup destination and no backup information was written to the HD.  So I restarted the backup.  After a short while I check the backup destination disk and there was a 850Mb .v2i file written to the disk.  In addition the source disk has a _VTrack folder and a VTrackDiskControl.ctl file.


1.  What does SSR write to the source disk in  _VTrack folder and a VTrackDiskControl.ctl file?

2.  Does SSR "resume" (like an incremental backup) the backup after an error or power failure?  Should I remove the v2i file? 

3.  When the backup is complete will the source disk still have the  _VTrack folder and a VTrackDiskControl.ctl files?  Are they only temporary?



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  1. These are used by our VTrack driver which is used for tracking changes on the disk
  2. No, there is no resume functionality. If a v2i file is created for a backup that was interrupted by power failure, it is likely to be corrupt (you can prove this by trying to open it into the recovery point browser)
  3. They will still be there. I do not believe they are temporary

Hope this helps.