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Problem with HP/Compaq Proliant ML530 G1

Level 3
I have recently installed Backup Exec System Recovery 7.0.1 on several servers for one of our customers.
When I booted from the recovery CD on a HP/Compaq Proliant ML530 G1 server and went into "Configure Network Connection Settings" I received the following message:
Process 'The pipe is being closed' reported an error executing the requested operation
When I tried to "Set Network Card Speed", I received the following message:
The parameter is incorrect
It would appear that the NIC in this server is not supported by BESR 7.0.1 natively.  The NIC is an HP NC3123 Fast Ethernet NIC.
Can you please confirm that this is indeed a driver problem for the above NIC, and if so, what can I do about it to enable booting this server into the recovery environment and being able to recovery from an image?

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified
To determine whether or not a driver for your NIC is present in the SRD, I would (in Windows) run the driver validation tool.  It appears on the autorun menu when you insert the SRD CD-ROM.
If it lists your NIC as a device that is missing a driver, run the customizable SRD wizard and create a custom version of the SRD that contains the driver you need.
It should automatically detect the NIC and grab the driver for you.