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Problems with "Copy My HardDrive" tool in Backup Exec System recovery 2010

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I need to copy an 80GB IDE HDD to a 500GB SATA HDD. I had attempted to use the option "Copy My Hard Drive" in the "Tools" menu of Backup Exec System Recovery 2010. I selected the option to Copy MBR , and also Selected the option to Boot Windows.

The copying process completed without any errors and I turned the machine off. Removed the original 80GB hard drive (assuming that the 500GB HDD now had the same data). When I attempted to boot the machine, it booted fine until the Logon screen appeared. It doesn't actually show any usernames, just the Windows XP logo.


Any idea as to why this could be happening? I think it might be because the Drive is now being seen as E: instead of C:. But I cannot be sure.





have a look here:


Have you had a look at the link ?

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I had this same problem (Drive is now being seen as E: instead of C:).

To Resolve, Use Disk Management under Computer Management (Administrative Tools).

Delete the new disk and reformat as a Primary with "Do Not Assign Drive Letter".  Select a good disk name too aid selection in the copy to window.

In System Recovery 2011, select Copy my hard drive.  Select old hard drive C drive and then select the new drive.

Select the option to Copy MBR , and also Select the option to Boot Windows.

Set the Drive Letter to assign to "None".  After the copy completes, shutdown and either disconnect the old harddrive (or disable the SATA port the hard drive is connected to in the Bios.  Boot up with the new disk.

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I suggest you use a newer OS. I thinnk windows 7 has no storage limit. in that case you will not be prompt with disk issues. also you can set the limit your self.